The Select Loan FAQ

What is the last day I can open a new loan online or refinance my current loan online?

April 25, 2019 is the last day you can open a new loan online or complete a refinance of your current online loan. All loan applications or refinances must be approved on or before 8pm ET on April 25, 2019. Any loan applications or refinances not approved by that time will be withdrawn.

Can my online loan be transferred to a store so I can continue refinancing there?

No, online loans cannot be transferred to a store.

Will I have to go into a retail store to pay my online loan after House Bill 123 takes effect?

No, the scheduled ACH payments will continue as outlined in your original loan agreement. If you wish to pay early, you can call customer service at 800-723-7022.

Will I be able to start taking Payday loans in the retail store after House Bill 123 takes effect?

Payday loans will not be available at our stores. But after your current online loan is paid off, you can apply for The Select Loan at one of our 33 Ohio locations.

Will the information from my online account be transferred to the store?

No. Because our online system and our store system are separate, you will need to provide your information when you apply at a store.

I can’t pay the amount due in full, what other options do I have to pay it since I can’t refinance anymore after House Bill 123 takes effect?

To find out what options may be available, contact Customer Service at 1-800-723-7022.

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