Indiana Payday Loan Rates and Terms

Disclosure of fee schedule including annual percentage rate (APR)

Availability of Payday Loan

Check 'n Go offers payday loans both online and at store locations near you. Find your nearest Check 'n Go store.

Governing Law

The loan agreement will be governed by the applicable laws of Indiana. Questions or complaints should be directed to your state's regulatory agency, available by clicking here.

Maximum Payday Loan Amount

The maximum loan amount for Indiana residents will be 20% of their gross monthly income or $605, whichever is less.

Fax of Pay Stub
Indiana regulation requires all Indiana customers have their most recent pay stub on file with Check 'n Go when receiving a payday loan. For online customers, please fax or e-mail Check 'n Go your latest pay stub when applying to ensure timely processing of your loan. If you receive income by means other than an employer, please fax or e-mail other proof of your Social Security, disability, and child support or alimony payments. All materials may be sent via fax to (800) 723-7032 or via email to When applying for a payday loan at a store location, please take the above documentation with you.
Social Security Number
Check 'n Go requires all Indiana customers provide documented proof of their social security number. See the SSN Disclosure document, located in the Additional Disclosures section below, for a list of acceptable documents.

Payday Loan Terms

Check 'n Go offers a minimum loan term of 14 days and a maximum loan term of 35 days for online and in-store loans.

Only one loan is permitted at Check 'n Go, whether online or at a store.

Indiana state law mandates a 7 day cooling off period following the pay off of the 5th consecutive payday loan transaction (not including the initial transaction). Consecutive payday loan transactions may be made with any one or more state licensed lenders.


The state of Indiana does not allow extensions. Therefore loans in the state of Indiana must be paid off on their due date.

Extended Payment Plan
A customer who obtains an original payday loan transaction plus 3 consecutive payday loan transactions may repay the 3rd, 4th, and/or 5th consecutive payday loan transactions with an extended payment plan.

Online Fee Schedule and APR

Disclosure of Online Fee Schedule Including Annual Percentage Rate

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