Money Saving 301
June 19, 2022

Save on After School Crafts - Personal Loans Not Needed


If you have young kids who don’t have homework or could use some creative activities to do after school rather than watching TV, here are few simple ideas to try which won’t break the bank. 

Paper Cut Art

What You Need: construction paper, safety scissors, hole punch, and tape or glue stick.

How To: let kids fold, cut, and decorate paper.

Also Try: Snowflakes, origami, paper hats, boats, sculptures, mobiles, fans, collage, paper dolls, pop-ups, flaps, etc. 

Toothpick Sculptures

What You Need: toothpicks and marshmallows (stale works best)

How-To: let kids build sculptures using the toothpicks and marshmallows.

Also Try: pipe cleaners, straws and tape, play dough and tools, cardboard boxes and glue, bread dough and raisins.

Crayon-Watercolor Resist

What You Need: Watercolor paper and crayons

How-To: Let kids draw for a while then bring out the watercolors to paint over the drawing.

Also Try: Oil pastels. Draw white on white then reveal the mystery drawing by painting over it. Paint over leaf crayon rubbings.

Masking Tape Art

What You Need: Paper, scissors, and masking tape.

How-To: Let kids cut or tear masking tape into pieces and adhere to paper in any way desired.

Also Try: Multiple colors and widths of tape. Draw or paint over the masking tape art then remove the tape. 

Q-tip Pointillism

What You Need: Paint, paper, and Q-tips

How-To: Let kids dip Q-tips in paint then press on paper to make a picture with dots.

Also Try: Cotton balls for larger dots. Use Do-A-Dot markers or regular markers. Try two primary colors together to see if you can create the illusion of color mixing. 

We hope you enjoy some of these after school activities! Try getting creative using items you may already have around the house. Whatever your approach, a little extra thought and planning can go a long way to have fun and save some cash.

Here’s to a great 2022–2023 school year!