Finance 101
October 13, 2021

How Thoughtful Answers Made the Difference

Understanding and empathy—they are musts in every relationship. At Check `n Go, we pride ourselves on being compassionate and considerate listeners to our customers. Check `n Go  employee Laiza Stroud recently lent an ear to her customer, Becky*, during a challenging time in her life. Her simple gesture had a profound impact.

Laiza met Becky at her store in McAllen, Texas when she turned to Check `n Go after experiences with competitors in the past. With a simple loan request of only $500 for personal needs, Laiza knew she could work something out for Becky.

“Hearing [Becky's] anxieties and disappointment from competitor experiences got me powered up,” she said.

With that fire lit, Laiza began the application and requirements process with Becky. She made it easy by printing out the necessary documents for her and explained the details of the loan process and benefits step by step.

Laiza reviewed the positive aspects of an installment loan with Becky, knowing the weight of her concerns and need for a solution. Thanks to her explanation, impressive knowledge and confidence in her suggestion, Becky applied – and was approved for – an installment loan.

“She was very happy that she would be able to solve her personal financial needs while also helping out with her sister’s tuition. All of this afforded her a manageable loan payment that would save her money to utilize for other expenses,” Laiza said.

Becky left the store not only with her financial needs met, but with a greater understanding of the loan process and the product she chose—all thanks to Laiza. Becky’s parting words? She was thankful that Laiza took the time to listen to her concerns. She was heard, she was helped and she was understood.

* Customer name has been changed.