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February 1, 2024

How Much Are Super Bowl Tickets?

Ever wondered how much it costs to go to the Super Bowl?  It’s tempting to think “if I can just pay for tickets, I’m there!”  But if a Super Bowl trip is on your bucket list, you’ll want to consider more than just the cost of tickets when you plan your fantasy fan adventure.

Let's look at this year's event and how much it could cost to go to the Super Bowl.

When is the Super Bowl?

On February 11, 2024. Kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. EST.

Where is the Super Bowl LVIII?

Allegiant Stadium, 3333 Al Davis Way, Las Vegas, NV 89118. Allegiant Stadium is a rather new multi-purpose stadium that’s home to the Las Vegas Raiders. The stadium has the capacity to house 65,000 NFL fans.

Who's Playing in the Super Bowl?

San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Who is performing this year's halftime show?

Usher, whose new album “Coming Home” releases only a few days before the big game.

Cost of Tickets

Ticketmaster shows tickets for Super Bowl LVIII start at $6,495 a seat and range to more than $50,000 each (!) for seats near the action.  OUCH, right??  The average ticket is currently about $8,761.  It’s almost unbelievable at those rates, but a ticket may not even be the most expensive part of a Super Bowl trip.

Let’s look at some of the other expenses you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re considering a trip to the Super Bowl.

Traveling to the Super Bowl

Often the non-ticket costs are the most expensive part of a Super Bowl trip.  While airline ticket prices will vary based on where you fly from, experts at say tickets to Las Vegas including layovers and flights on low-cost carriers are averaging $306 per round-trip ticket for Super Bowl weekend.  Nonstop tickets currently average $408 per ticket. 

Prices are rising quickly, though, and flights will start to sell out.  Buying airline tickets early and on cheaper travel days can help you save. reports the Friday to Monday flights for Super Bowl weekend are almost double the cost of those on cheaper days.  They suggest a Saturday to Tuesday ticket for the best savings.

Visitors will fly into Las Vegas’ Harry Reid International Airport. Since that’s about 13 minutes from the stadium, a rental car or Uber fees should be part of your budget too.

While in town, you’ll need a place to stay, food to eat, and transportation:

  • Hotels are currently averaging $383 per night over game day weekend.  As with flights, the rates are increasing and rooms are expected to sell out, so make reservations early to save.  You can consider a vacation rental in Las Vegas as an alternative; these are averaging $536 a night.
  • Factor in three meals a day (some at airport rates) plus any alcohol.  Add in your Uber fees to get to restaurants if you haven’t already rented a car or driven.
  • Rental cars are averaging $38 per day, but keep in mind that these could sell out.  Be sure to have a backup transportation plan.

And don’t forget about game day expenses.  Along with food and drink at stadium rates, remember the cost of any swag you can’t resist, like a Super Bowl LVIII t-shirt or hat.  If you know you’ll want one despite the outrageous stadium prices, put it in the budget.

So what else is involved in a Super Bowl fan-tasy vacation?  Let’s look at the necessities and the nice-to-haves.

Necessities & Nice-to-Haves:

  • Air ticket or gasoline
  • Car rental or Uber/taxi/shuttle fees and tips
  • Hotel
  • Food (while traveling, while in town, while at the game)
  • Alcohol
  • Fan purchases (Super Bowl shirts and other swag)
  • The Over-the-Top (photo ops, NFL legend appearances, pre-game parties, high-end food and drink options, live entertainment, meet-and-greets – it can all be had for a price)

How to Fund a Trip to the Super Bowl

Many people will fund a Super Bowl vacation with credit cards. But there are other ways.

After all, not everyone has that option. If you have bad credit, an installment loan may be a good way to bridge the gap between the costs and your savings.

Apply For an Installment Loan

You can also consider alternatives. Invite friends over and throw a Super Bowl party. Go to a sports bar with a group (then they're on clean-up duty). Go in together with friends to rent a hotel suite with a big screen and watch there. You could even go in with friends on a local VRBO or Airbnb with a big screen, eliminating travel and avoiding restaurant costs for food and alcohol. There are plenty of ways to make the event memorable, even if you can't make it out to Las Vegas.

Consider all these things carefully. A trip to the super bowl can be awesome, but it isn't worth sacrificing things like your credit score, your overall financial needs – or your long-term goals.

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