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How Expensive are 2024 Olympics Tickets and Travel?

June 13, 2024

How Expensive are 2024 Olympics Tickets and Travel?

If you’ve always wanted to attend the Olympics, and have always wanted to visit Paris then you can kill two birds with one stone at this year’s summer Olympics, taking place July 26 through August 11. This will be the third time Paris hosts the Olympics. The first time was in 1900 and the second time in 1924. It’s been 100 years since Paris hosted and the city’s very excited to be hosting once more. If you’re interested in attending then keep reading for all the details and potential costs.

2024 Olympics Tickets Costs

Tickets for the Paris Games can be found on or purchased on the official Paris 2024 Olympics mobile app. The app allows ticket buyers to access their tickets, transfer them to others, and securely resell them if wanted. Instead of just buying tickets, you can also order hospitality and travel packages that include seating for the games as well as museum visits and lodging.

Ticket prices for the games depend on a few variables like location, sport, and seating section. Individual tickets will come with a smaller price tag than packages. Ticket prices broken down by the various games and dates can be found on Below is an example of attending mixed team 1/8 eliminations archery on August 8, 2024. In Euros, there are four price options available based on seating proximity. With the conversion to USD, prices range from approximately $26 to $107.

2024 Paris Olympics Archery Ticket Prices

Some Olympic games are more expensive to attend than others. Basketball tickets on July 24, 2024 for  USA vs Japan, for example, will run you approximately $26 to $215. However, there are only two price categories for attending the marathon on August 8 this year, $26 and $43. It makes sense for the marathon to be a cheaper event since spectators will be lining up along Paris’ iconic roads throughout the city, meaning you won’t see much of the event as the athletes zoom by.  

You most likely won’t be able to attend every Olympic event due to timing conflicts and cost. If you create an Olympics budget that you can stick to, however, you should be able to make the most of your Paris Olympics adventure!

How Much is Travel to Paris for the Olympics?

A trip to Paris during the Olympics is going to cost quite a bit. Prices have been increasing the closer we get to the games. Currently, roundtrip nonstop flights from Detroit to Paris range from $876 to $2,829. You would want to book your flight sooner rather than later to save money. Hotel room prices range based on what part of Paris you’d like to stay in and the quality of the hotel. The average cost per night in Paris is about $570 during the games but you can still find good deals if you’re willing to travel a bit extra while you’re there. The games start on Friday, July 26. If you were staying in Paris City Center from the weekend right before the games start through the following weekend, it could cost you as little as $950 for a double bed and a city view.

It may make the most sense to book a travel package from the game’s official website for less hassle. Travel packages start at around $537. The packages include a 3 to 5-star hotel room, tickets to 1 - 6 Olympic events, various hospitality services, and transportation solutions. Dates are selling out on the website, so packages aren’t available for the beginning of the Olympics. For more savings tips, see our blog post on the cheapest ways to travel on a budget.

2024 Olympics FAQs

How many sports will be in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games?

The 2024 Summer Olympics will include about 10,500 athletes competing in 329 medal events that include 45 different sports. Of those 45 sports, 41 are mainstay games and four are specials in the 2024 games; skateboarding, surfing, breaking, and sport climbing.

What is the motto of the Paris Olympics in 2024?

The Paris 2024 Olympics’ motto was announced on July 25, 2022, as “Ouvrons grand les Jeux,” or “Games Wide Open” in English. The same motto will be used for the Paralympic Games. It has been described by the 2024 Olympic games’ president, Tony Estanguet, as, “an invitation to the world to come and experience new emotions together.”

How to get Paris 2024 Olympic tickets?

There are a few different methods to purchase tickets to the games. You can buy individual tickets by visiting the games’ official website or use their mobile app. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. Alternatively, you can book a travel package that includes tickets to various games here.

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