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Affordable Graduation Party Ideas

April 19, 2024

Graduating from school is a significant milestone, and it’s definitely worth celebrating! Throwing a memorable party can be pricey but doesn't always have to come with a hefty price tag. With some creativity and budgeting, you can throw an affordable graduation party for your loved one, or even for yourself! Like with most things rooted in money management, the first step is creating a budget.

Create a Party Budget

A budget is essential to keep yourself from overspending. It’s a plan that you create and then commit to. Consider where your funds come from and the average amount of money you receive each pay period. Next, be mindful of where your money goes each week or month. What are your usual expenses like rent/mortgage, auto, and utility bills? Once you have an overall picture, you’ll have an understanding on what an affordable party means to you, and finally create a budget for your party. There are some budgeting apps that can help and give you a head start.

Themed Graduation Parties

Choosing the right theme for the graduation party can add extra fun to the event. Consider themes that reflect the graduate's interests, future plans, or school colors. Whether it's a rustic outdoor gathering, a retro-themed bash, or a backyard BBQ party, a well-executed theme can set the stage for an unforgettable celebration. For example, if the graduate plans to go into pharmacy, they can stand out in a white coat and hand out prescription bottles filled with jelly beans. Maybe the graduate is going to an out of state college, which can also be worked into the theme. If the graduate is receiving a scholarship for an extracurricular activity then your theme might be easy to lock in. Imagine a lively music-themed party for a marching band member or a baseball-themed shindig!

Choose a Party Venue

Most people opt to throw graduation parties at their homes. These parties usually take place in the summer after graduation so hosting the party outside can be ideal. Depending on the size of your yard, you may be able to fit a lot more guests outside than inside. Party essentials like tables, chairs, and canopies can be purchased, rented, or borrowed from others. Celebrating at home comes with an added bonus – being able to set up many games and activities outside. Guests can enjoy games like cornhole, volleyball, horseshoes, giant Jenga, and ladder toss among others. If you don’t own a home, ask a friend or relative if you can host the party at their home. Many apartment complexes and condos have community party rooms that can be rented for much cheaper than a party hall.

Graduation Party Decorations

Once you’ve chosen a theme, which might just be as simple as selecting a color palette, it’s time to shop! You can find cheaper items at dollar stores or head to party stores. You can also save time and shop online on sites like and If you’re looking to save money then skip the expensive store-bought decorations and opt for DIY alternatives instead. Get crafty with homemade banners, photo collages, and centerpieces using materials you already have or can purchase for a low cost. Balloons for example are a low-cost decoration that you probably won’t want to make on your own. Pinterest and other DIY websites are treasure troves of inspiration for budget-friendly decoration ideas that will help add a personal touch to your party.

Make a Party Food Plan

There’s a great variety of party food ideas to choose from. If you choose a party theme then the food you serve might be able to fit into your theme but it doesn’t need to. Food can be one of the most significant expenses when hosting a party. Grilling up some burgers and hotdogs might save you some money and make most of your guests happy. You can cut costs by turning your celebration into a potluck. The host can provide some appetizers or party finger foods and invite guests to bring a dish to share. Assign specific types of dishes to the guests, like salads, entrees, or desserts. Not only does this approach ease the planning and monetary burdens on the party host, but it also allows guests to contribute to the festivities and showcase their culinary skills.

Virtual Gatherings

For graduates with friends and family scattered across the globe, consider hosting a virtual celebration using free video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. While it may not be the traditional in-person gathering, a virtual party allows everyone to join in the festivities regardless of their location. Encourage attendees to dress up, raise a toast, and share memories and well-wishes with the graduate. You can also coordinate eating the same meal to simulate an in-person event. Many video conferencing platforms come with apps to add some fun like games or other collaborative activities.

Graduation Party Activities

You’ve undoubtably assembled a big photo collection of the graduate including school photos and photos you took yourself. Use those photos to create a visual journey of the graduate's school years by setting up a memory lane display. Use your photos, memorabilia, awards, and achievements to showcase the graduate's accomplishments and milestones. These are items you already own, so it shouldn’t add much to your party expenses. Guests can reminisce as they browse and celebrate the graduate's journey from the past to the present.

Party Favors and Keepsakes

Set up a DIY graduation cap decorating station where guests can choose a cap and customize it with markers, stickers, glitter, and more. This activity provides entertainment for attendees as well as keeps the younger, and restless guests occupied. Plus, it also gives the graduate and your guests a unique keepsake to enjoy long after the party ends. Other party keepsake ideas include DIY drink coasters, candy-filled tins, candles, or keychains.

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