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5 Tips To Save On Kids’ Clothes

June 19, 2022

Clothing is already expensive as it is, but when you have a child who is constantly outgrowing their current outfits, it can become a huge expense. What if there were ways that you could help cut some of that cost and make clothing last longer? Keep reading to find out our top five tips to save on kids’ clothes!

#1. Size Up Shoes:

A great way to save on kids’ shoes is to size up! A child’s shoe size typically changes around a half-size throughout the year, so going one size up ensures your kid’s shoes will fit at least an entire school year. And if you are concerned about your child’s shoes fitting too loose by sizing up, just make sure to purchase thicker socks. This resolves the loose fit and extends the lifecycle of your children's shoe wear.

#2. Size Up Clothing:

If you are out shopping with your child and aren’t sure whether the smaller or larger size of an outfit looks best, always go with the size up! Kids are constantly growing and changing sizes so by sizing their clothes up you are guaranteeing that the outfit will last them a little longer. It can also be fun when kids grow out of their pants to do some DIY and cut them into shorts. That will give the outfit a new lease on life, and saving your wallet from losing money!

#3. Save Money with Hand-Me-Down Clothing:

Many people have more than one child, or they have friends with children around the same age as their own. This is a great situation to be in because you can easily pass around hand-me-down clothes and accept them as well. Sharing clothes that your child has outgrown and accepting new outfits from others helps the environment, saves you money, and eliminates that stressful shopping experience!

#4. Save by Thrifting:

By going thrifting you are not only getting a better deal on clothing, but you are giving your kids a unique and fun shopping experience! Thrift shops and second-hand clothing stores offer the most unique and in-style clothing options for your kids to rummage through and try on. This gives them the chance to express their unique style and gives you the chance to save big-time! Not to mention, thrifting also helps the environment out by eliminating excess waste, and it can give you a chance to make a little extra cash when you trade in your used clothing as well.

#5. Off-Season Clearance Shopping:

Sometimes we laugh when we go shopping in the summer and see winter clothing sitting out because it is so off-season. However, before you laugh, make sure you look at that price tag. Odds are, it is marked down extremely low because of the time of year, actually making it the perfect time to purchase! Not only will you be saving money on future clothing, but you are also getting ahead of schedule and saving yourself the hassle of clothing shopping for your kiddos in the future!

If these options don’t work for you and you need to purchase some new clothing today, consider installment loans online or in-store.

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