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June 19, 2022

3 Tips For Kids School Lunch Ideas

Picky eaters—most families have a child that falls under this category at some point in their life and trying to motivate them to finish their food can be very difficult - especially at school. However, it is not impossible and there are lots of fun and simple ways to help push those kids across the lunch-time finish line! Check out our 3 tips to help motivate your child to eat their lunch during the school day! 

#1. Fun Lunch - School Picnic:

Does your child come home every day from school with their lunchbox still full of food? Well, if you are looking for a fun way to try and motivate your child to eat their food at lunch try packing them a school picnic! Send them to school with all the necessary supplies to feel like they are out for a mid-day school adventure. Include a fun reusable tablecloth or placemat for them to put their lunch onto. Plus, make sure to send a fun note each day for them to find. This is a little way to help make them feel extra special and extremely loved! 

#2. Interactive Lunch – Some Assembly Required:

Making it an “interactive” meal can also help entice your child to eat all or most of their meal. For example, rather than making the peanut butter and jelly sandwich for them, pack bread and include a small jar of peanut butter and jelly in their lunchbox. This makes them feel independent and excited to be the ones making their food for themselves. Another example of this would be sending a salad with all the ingredients in separate containers where your child has the chance to dump everything in on their own and mix it up. It's a small and easy change but can really make a big difference in your child’s eating habits.

#3. Involve Your Child:

Another way to help motivate your child to eat all their school lunches is to give them a say in what they have to eat each day. Make sure that you plan out the different food options that you want to offer them for the week ahead of time because you are the adult and get the main say in what they eat. But instead of just starting to pack whatever meal you think of first, ask your child “out of these three options, which would you like to take to school tomorrow”? This way, you are giving them the food you already chose to purchase for them, but they feel like they are getting a say in their meal by choosing from the different options you purchased for them each day. Hopefully your child will give credit where credit is due and that’s not bad, credit is great!

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