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November 9, 2023

10 Sustainable Shopping Tips for Black Friday

If you’re fed up with Black Friday, are embracing minimalism, or simply want to be more eco-friendly, Green Friday might be right up your alley. While Black Friday deals are all about sellers driving demand and volume with discounts, Green Friday is about shopping thoughtfully and with brands that embrace sustainability.

So what does sustainable shopping mean? It’s thinking critically about the environmental, health, and social impacts of products you buy and then making buying decisions based on these factors and your values. For example, on Black Friday we might avoid shopping with companies that promote deforestation, use toxic chemicals, or don’t pay workers fairly. Or we might avoid products that don’t last or will end up in a landfill.

In this article, we’ll look at brands to shop with and ideas to try for more sustainable shopping this Black Friday, including sustainable products and environmentally friendly, eco-friendly products.

Support Sustainable Brands on Black Friday

Make your Black Friday a Green Friday by seeking out eco-conscious and ethical brands that prioritize sustainability. More and more brands are talking about their sustainability initiatives and efforts, making it easier than ever to shop greener.

For a start, visit the Ethical Consumer website. This non-profit features guides to help you find ethical and environmentally friendly brands.

Retailers of all kinds offer sustainable shopping. Stores like Ten Thousand Villages sell solely handcrafted, fair-trade goods and gifts. Sites like Etsy can be a great resource to support artisans and handmade goods. The UK brand Maykher features sustainable beauty products and gifts, plus 10% of its profits go toward educating young women and girls.

Even retail giant IKEA has green initiatives, including 50% off new furniture for customers who return used IKEA furniture to a store.

Shop Locally on Black Friday

On Black Friday, consider shopping at small businesses and local events. This puts your money into your local economy. Plus, you can support artisans in your area making unique, handmade products that make special gifts.

Fall craft fairs can be a great place to shop for handmade, affordable gifts while supporting small businesses. These vendors will often make items to order or personalize items as well.

There are many ways to shop locally during the holidays. Need a dessert? Buy from a local bakery you love. Ask a talented friend to make a custom gift for you. Buy gift cards to local restaurants and gift them for the holidays.

Repurpose and Upcycle

If you want something new and different, think about whether there’s a way to repurpose or upcycle something you already own, or if you might buy used rather than new.

Perhaps you have a run-down couch, for example. Try reupholstering it yourself with supplies from a local shop. Consider adding a slipcover to spruce it up. Change its legs out or add nailhead trim.

Get creative and see if you can transform, upcycle, or repurpose items you already own.

DIY Black Friday Gifts

Do-it-yourself (DIY) gifts are a great sustainable and inexpensive gifting option! Get creative with your gift-giving and avoid the Black Friday blitz at the same time. If you’re looking for ideas, search Pinterest. Craft bloggers post great tutorials that will walk you step-by-step to great handmade gifts.

Declutter Your Home

Consider using your Black Friday to improve your existing surroundings rather than buying more stuff for a space that may already be cluttered. Not only can you clear out items you can donate, sell, or recycle, decluttering is great for your mental health.

Reduce Single-Use Plastics

This Black Friday, you can also avoid unnecessary plastic use with your own reusable shopping bags, coffee mugs, and water bottles. Consider plastic-free gift wrapping, too.

Carpool or Use Public Transport

Shopping with a friend isn’t just more fun, it saves gas and reduces your carbon footprint. If you prefer to shop alone, consider using public transportation.

Donate on Black Friday

Instead of putting money toward more stuff this Black Friday, consider donating to or volunteering at your favorite local charity.

You can also contribute to a favorite environmental organization or charity. While this is a great idea on its own, you can also make contributions to organizations in a friend or family member’s name as a sustainable, earth-friendly gift option.

Choose Sustainable Foods

If you’re hosting family or grocery shopping this Black Friday, you can promote sustainability by shopping at home-grown businesses for locally sourced, organic food options. Farmers’ markets, orchards, and small specialty markets can be good resources.

Give special consideration to the origin of your meats, and shop locally to help keep small farms in your area in business. These producers generally provide fresher, high-quality, antibiotic-free meats and treat their animals ethically.

Plant Trees or Gardens

Depending on your local climate, you may be able to plant a tree or garden this Black Friday. Try to buy from a local greenhouse if possible, and you’ve got a Black Friday activity that will keep on giving.

Since plants and trees clear our air of carbon dioxide and can even cool our homes, there are long-term benefits.

For a great eco-friendly gift, plant a tree in a family member’s name or memory. You can paint a rock or craft a plaque to put at the base. This can be a great activity to do with the kids, too.

Wherever you are, try these tips to make your Black Friday a little greener.

FAQs: Green Friday

What does Green Friday mean?

Green Friday is about shopping thoughtfully and with brands that embrace sustainability. It involves thinking about the environmental, health, and social impacts of the products you buy, plus making your buying decisions on these factors – and your values. For more information, check out the article above.

What is the alternative to Black Friday?

One alternative to Black Friday is embracing Green Friday, which focuses on shopping thoughtfully and with brands that embrace sustainability. You can also find another way to spend the day, like choosing older toys for donation, volunteering, or having a game day with family. Check out the article above for more ideas.

How can we be sustainable on Black Friday?

Try to think critically about the environmental, health, and social impacts of products you buy and then make your buying decisions based on these factors and your values. Try reusable shopping bags for a start. For more ideas, check out the article above.

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