Choosing the Right Loan for the Right Situation

It always happens at the worst possible time. Your car breaks down. A pipe leaks and creates a mess. Your old refrigerator gives out – and you just bought groceries. There’s never a good time for a financial emergency. In times like these, where do you turn for money? Do you write a check? Even… Continue Reading Choosing the Right Loan for the Right Situation

How Finances Work


Kids & Finance: Helping Your Child Learn to Budget

Every year since 2012, the investing firm T. Rowe Price has been conducting a survey entitled, “Parents, Kids & Money.” The results have consistently shown that parents are children’s primary and most trusted resource about finances.…
5 Surprising Truths About Overdraft Fees

5 Surprising Truths About Overdraft Fees

Experts say overdraft fees are the highest they’ve been since the Great Recession. If you find yourself battling unexpected overdrafts, or if you are using overdrafts as a strategy to “borrow” money, here are some important facts that…

Consumers using debt as survival tool, study says.

American families are carrying piles of debt. Though it’s tempting to blame reckless spending for this, the personal finance website NerdWallet takes a different tack. In a recent study. NerdWallet makes the case that consumers have good reasons…

Help Kids Learn Money Skills With 3 Free Apps

Kid: Buy me this? Please, please, please? Parent: Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know. Kid: Just put it on the credit card.If this conversation sounds familiar, you know how challenging it can be to teach kids the value of money. Help…