Budgeting Tips for High School Graduates

Graduating from high school is a huge accomplishment because it opens up many doors for the future. Regardless of the path after graduation, it’s important to save and budget to protect that future. Whether you’re helping your own child prepare for the future or helping a family friend, the tips below are very useful when… Continue Reading Budgeting Tips for High School Graduates

Budgeting Tips

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Budgeting Part 2

The amount you have available to pay your expenses is your net pay (your income after taxes). You may also factor in overtime, bonuses, and tax return money (at that time of year). Be conservative, and don’t plan for more income than you know…
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Budgeting Part 1

Preparation and planning are key ingredients to succeeding at almost everything. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” Benjamin Franklin once said, and this is especially true when it comes to your finances.There is…

Envelope Budgeting: Can it Help You Spend Less?

It’s a low-tech budgeting method – but the envelope system is a budgeting technique that has stood the test of time. Financial guru Dave Ramsey is among the supporters of the system, which is based on dividing cash up into envelopes each…

5 Fixes for Your Broken Budget

So your budget has gone bust again. Don’t worry, it happens to lots of people and is no reason to give up. It helps to know that there’s much more to it than just saving receipts and adding up numbers. Here are five remedies that you may…