The Extra Mile Makes the DifferenceGoing the extra mile is what we do at Check `n Go. When a customer wrote in to tell us about her experience with Check `n Go Associate Phil Stegall in Oklahoma, we knew it was one we had to share.

When Jane* came to Check `n Go in need of a loan, she had already been turned down for loans from other lenders for several years, but she never knew why. When she asked, Jane says other lenders never gave her a straight answer. Without understanding her situation, she was left without options, caught up in what she describes as “an eleven-year nightmare.”

All that changed when Jane met Phil Stegall at our Newcastle, Oklahoma store. Although he was not able to provide Jane with a loan that day, Phil took the time to help Jane identify the steps she could take to resolve her credit problem.

Phil gave Jane contact information for the Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit, which was able to confirm that Jane’s credit was marred by incorrect information. That organization was able to provide Jane with information that led to the resolution of the errors on her credit report.

Jane says her visit to Check `n Go forever changed her life. “I had struggled for eleven years trying to resolve this issue without success.” That changed the day she met Phil Stegall. “His compassion for people made that one of the most valuable days of my life.”

These days, when her friends need loans, she tells them to go see Phil. “In eleven years, Phil was the only representative from any financial institution who took the time to assist. He is what makes Oklahoma strong and great. He will always be my hero.”


*Customer’s name has been changed to respect her privacy.