The team at our Yucca Valley, CA store takes the time to talk with every customer to ensure they are meeting the customer’s individual financial needs. Store manager, Ashley, says, “It’s important that we show every customer we care.”

Ashley says, “The thing I like best about working at Check `n Go is our ability to help those in need when they have no where else to turn to for assistance.” Whether customers need help making it to their next payday or they have unexpected bills, the Yucca Valley team is there to find the best financial solution for them. The team strives to provide a pleasant experience for their customers so they leave happy and think Check `n Go the next time they need help covering an unexpected expense.

One particular customer stands out to the team. When Sandy* found out she was eligible for a loan, she almost burst into tears. She told the team that her brother across the country had to have major surgery and she was worried about how she was going to afford the trip to see him. She was so grateful and said that she was going home to pack and purchase a plane ticket so that she could be there for her brother.

Another customer, Kim*, came to the store to make a payment and acted like it was a normal day. After her payment was processed, the team let her know that she was eligible to refinance. The team explained the refinance process, and Kim decided to apply. She was approved and explained how much this would help her manage and budget her expenses. She explained that her mother had recently passed away, and she was struggling to get caught up on her bills after the unexpected expenses. Kim was relieved and said she was going to immediately pay her bills. Now Kim could stop worrying and get some much needed rest.

The Yucca Valley team helps people like Sandy and Kim with real-life financial needs on a daily basis. We thank them for providing good experiences for their customers!

*Names have been changed to protect customer’s privacy.