Meet Christina. She is a Customer Service Representative at our online call center. Before coming to Check `n Go, Christina was a nurse, so she’s a pro at helping people. She’s been with the company for almost two years and says, “I love my job and the opportunities I have to grow on my team.”

Her formula for success is simple, “show up, help customers, work hard and you can grow and be rewarded.” Recently she’s taken on more responsibilities by helping to train other Customer Service Representatives and stepping in wherever her team needs her.

She thinks that one of the biggest benefits that Check `n Go provides is the convenience of applying for a loan anytime online. She often hears that customers are happy that we offer the ability to apply for a loan online because they can’t make it into a store. She says, “Sometimes you can’t wait for store hours to take care of unexpected expenses.” She’s glad to be a part of the team that offers this convenience.

She says that she helps everyday people that need to cover bills, pay for rent, get car repairs or have extra money for their kids’ sports or school events. She takes the time to listen to their needs and also to explain details about our application process. By the end of her conversations with customers, she feels like she’s built a relationship. “It feels great when customers thank me personally for taking the time to help them,” Christina says.

Outside of work, Christina likes hiking, reading comic books and going to concerts. She enjoys listening to all kinds of music, including rock, hip-hop and jazz.

We thank Christina for her hard work and the excellent customer service she provides to Check `n Go customers.