I've Been There — Beth's Staying Safe on the Road Story

Beth had been planning a vacation for weeks, but a call from her credit card company almost wrecked her plans. Turns out that her credit card company had noticed some unusual charges. Beth checked her credit report, just in case, and discovered that not only was someone using her credit card, someone had also managed to get a different credit card in her name.

Beth was now officially a victim of identity theft. Not only did she have to deal with the headache of filing a police report, notifying all her creditors, and disputing the unauthorized charges, but Beth was now afraid she might run into some difficulties using her credit card while traveling.

Beth decided, after researching her options, to get a prepaid debit card to use on her trip. Prepaid debit cards are accepted almost anywhere a conventional debit or credit card would be accepted. Plus, Beth’s identity would be protected. Prepaid debit cards are never tied to a personal checking account, so if her card was lost or stolen, her identity would be protected.

With a prepaid debit card, Beth was able to keep her vacation plans and financial peace of mind.

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