Check 'n Go FAQs

How does Check 'n Go determine the amount of money to advance me?

A payday loan from Check 'n Go can reach a maximum of $1,500. An in-store loan can be no less than $50, and an online payday loan no less than $100. The maximum amount Check 'n Go can lend you depends on the following:

State of Residence
As a founding member of the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA), Check 'n Go supports rules and restrictions that result in the best and most constructive payday loan experience for our borrowers. This includes abiding by the laws of each individual state in which we do business. State legislation is in place for the protection of its residents and to encourage good money management and responsible use of payday loans. Each has its own limits on how much payday loan customers can borrow and how long they can borrow it. This amount can be a flat rate, or a percentage of the borrower's gross income. Check ‘n Go’s State Center offers a state-by-state list of payday loan rates and terms.

Some borrowers may take out more than they can manage properly by their next paycheck. Check 'n Go encourages proper use of our payday loans, so all Check 'n Go payday loans are adjusted according to state regulations to fit your income level. When it comes to payday loans, the amount our customers are qualified to borrow directly depends on how much they can reasonably pay back on time.

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