How do I obtain a payday loan?

The process of applying for and then getting an online payday loan should be simple, secure and fast. If you’re considering a payday advance loan as a responsible way to get fast cash, take just a few minutes to prepare before you get started.

Know your need
Before applying make sure that your need is short-term, and that you’ll be able to repay your loan on time. If an unexpected extra expense has caused you to come up short this month, an online payday loan can help. Problems that come up month after month are concerns that a professional credit counselor should handle.

Know if you qualify
Have a steady source of income, a form of identification, an active address and phone number, and a valid check for an in-store loan. Online loans vary, depending on the provider that you choose, and most will have what you need listed on their website. Check ‘n Go has specific payday loan qualifications.

Choose a lender
Payday lenders differ in more than qualifications. We provide information on how to choose the right payday lender.

Choose a method
Which method is the most convenient for your lifestyle: A trip to a local financial service center or a fast, private online payday loan? The application process will vary only slightly between the two.

Fill out an application
This only takes a few minutes, whether you apply online or in-store. You’ll know promptly if you’re approved.

Sign the contract
After approval, you’re almost done. The contract between borrower and lender details all the rates, terms, fees and the repayment date.

Shortly after signing the contract, the funds are yours. Then, on the agreed upon date, repayment funds will be automatically withdrawn from your account or your post-dated check will be deposited. You can also choose to return the cash to the store to reclaim your personal check.