Are There Check Cashing Guidelines Or Best Practices For The Industry?

Any reputable check cashing provider will abide by certain guidelines, or best practices, in order to provide you with the safest and most satisfying check cashing experience. Knowing what to look for is key to knowing exactly who you’re doing business with, and if they’re the right choice. While we offer our suggestions on how to choose a check cashing provider, as a consumer it’s important to understand what a business should be doing for you.

Here’s what to look for:

Truthful Advertising
The check cashing provider should be clear and honest in all advertisements and signage. All fees should be displayed clearly so there is no guessing what you will be charged.

No Law Conflict
The check cashing provider should operate in accordance with all laws in your state of residence.

Honest Fees
Any fees you are subject to should not be any more than is regulated by state law.

Consumer Education
The check cashing provider should freely provide you with information regarding their practices and services. You should never feel like you can’t ask a question.

Ethical Collections
If the situation calls for collections, it should be conducted fairly in full accordance with state law. There should be no threat of criminal action against the customer.

Encourage for Consumer Responsibility
The appropriate use of check cashing should be reinforced at all times by the check cashing provider. You should never feel like the business is trying to take advantage of you.