New Ways to Get the Money You Need

Introducing a New Installment Loan

  • Up to $5,000
  • 18-month term1
  • Lower payments
  • May build credit2

How It Works

Apply today and, if approved, you could have money as soon as the next business day.3

Here’s how:

  • Complete a simple online application.

    It’s fast, easy and secure.

  • Get a quick decision.

    If approved, eSign and finalize your loan.

  • Get your money!

    Funds are deposited as soon as the next business day.3

Have these items handy when you apply:

  • Valid ID
  • Income information
  • Working phone number
  • Active checking account

Get Answers


Who is CCBank?
Installment loans are originated and funded by Capital Community Bank (“CCBank”), a Utah chartered bank, located in Provo, Utah, member FDIC.

Why should I use Check `n Go?
Backed by a network of nearly 1,000 stores nationwide, Check `n Go provides personalized and knowledgeable customer service with competitively-priced, hassle-free financial products. We also offer convenient and secure online options. Since opening our first store nearly 25 years ago, we have earned a reputation for integrity, security and outstanding customer service.

Why was I selected for this offer?
You are a valued customer with Check `n Go. Based on your history with Check `n Go and information you’ve provided in the past, we thought you would be interested in learning more about the new loan option that’s now available.

What is the new product being offered?
The new loan product being offered is an 18-month installment loan, available in amounts up to $5,000, with no prepayment fees and no origination fees. More details about the product are provided during the application process.


How do installment loans work?
Installment loans allow the borrower to make biweekly or monthly payments over the term of the loan (18 months for this product), until the loan is paid off. Because they don’t have to be paid off all at once, they’re typically available in larger loan amounts than other types of short-term loans. People use installment loans for a variety of reasons – to consolidate bills, buy a vehicle, cover unplanned expenses or take care of other money needs. By making payments on time and paying the loan off in full, installment loan borrowers may even be able to build or improve their credit.

How much can I borrow with this installment loan?
Installment loan amounts are available up to $5,000. The amount you may qualify for will depend on a number of factors – including legal and underwriting criteria. Apply now to find out how much you will be approved for. The application is fast and easy!

Do you check my credit rating when I apply for an installment loan?
Yes. We request credit information from credit reporting agencies.

If I currently have a payday loan and apply for an installment loan, what happens to my payday loan?
If you have a payday loan with your Check `n Go store and are approved for an installment loan, your payday loan will be due on your next pay date as outlined in your payday loan agreement.

If I get this installment loan, can I still get a payday loan at my Check `n Go store?
Once you obtain an installment loan, you will no longer be able to get a new payday loan until the installment loan is paid off.

If I am not approved for the installment loan, can I still get a payday loan at my Check `n Go store?
Yes. Customers who aren’t approved for an installment loan can reapply for a payday loan at their local Check ‘n Go.


What do I need to apply for the installment loan?
You’ll need:

  • An active checking account that allows direct deposit.
  • A working telephone number that we can verify.
  • Since you’ll be asked to provide details about your gross income, net income and pay frequency on the application, it will help to have your most recent pay stub or other income documentation on hand.

What are the steps to get an installment loan?
1. Complete and submit your online application.
2. Review and select your loan amount, total payback amount and payment due dates.
3. Electronically sign your loan agreement.

Will I need to provide a blank check?
No. Since the installment loan is processed online, we will only need your routing and account numbers from your checking account.

How long does it take to get approved for an installment loan?
When you submit your application, you’ll receive a prompt answer on whether you qualify and the amount you’re eligible to borrow.

How do I sign my installment loan documents?
Online, you can sign your installment loan documents by checking the “eSign” box when prompted.
When you check the eSign box, it serves as a legally binding electronic signature. Always review your loan agreement, the privacy policy and any other terms or conditions that apply before you sign your application.

When and how will I receive my funds from my installment loan?
Once you are approved, your loan will be processed. If we are able to verify your information and originate your loan before 8:00 p.m. ET, in most cases you can expect to receive your funds the following business day. We are unable to process loans on days when banks are closed. If you apply late in the day before a banking holiday, or on a banking holiday, your loan will be originated the next business day, and you can expect to receive your funds on the second business day following your application.


When will my installment loan payments be due – and what are my repayment options?
Your payments may be electronically withdrawn. To view your payment schedule, refer to your loan agreement. Before your loan’s due date, you may also be able to set up a different form of payment – such as debit card, cashier’s check, money order or MoneyGram, please call us at 1-800-316-4220. Repaying your loan earlier could save you money on interest.

Can I call or visit my Check `n Go store if I want to make an installment loan payment or get help with my installment loan application?
Because the installment loan is serviced online, payments and other services in connection with the installment loan cannot be handled at the store. Check `n Go, servicer for CCBank, has a dedicated team of loan specialists who are trained to answer your questions about making payments, completing the application and more. You can contact them 1-800-316-4220. They’re ready to provide the same friendly service that you’ve come to expect at your Check `n Go store.

After I pay off my installment loan, can I get another installment loan?
Yes, you can apply for a new installment loan after your current loan has been paid off. Keep in mind that there may be a waiting period before you can apply for a new installment loan. You may also be asked to provide a bank statement showing that your loan was paid off.

How can I view my account information or check the status of my installment loan application?
To view your information or check the status of your application, log in to My Account by entering the email address and password that you provided to us when you applied for your installment loan.
Once you’ve logged in, you can check the status of any outstanding loans, update information, review documents, apply for a new installment loan, check to see if there are any documents you still need to send in or see when your next payment is due. To print copies of any documents, simply select the print option in your Web browser.

Why do I have to open an account online if I already have a Check ‘n Go account with the store?
Since the installment loan is issued through our online channel, a new account must be created to apply.


Once I have an installment loan, will I have the option to refinance?
Refinancing is an option that provides more time to pay and additional funds. You may be able to refinance once you have an installment loan. If you become eligible to refinance, we will notify you by email. You can also check your eligibility by logging into My Account.

How does refinancing work?
Once you’re eligible, you can easily refinance by following these simple steps:
1. Sign in to My Account
2. Tell us how much you want to borrow
3. Get a quick decision and electronically sign your documents
4. Receive your additional funds

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