Every season of the year brings opportunities to cut expenses, make money and grow savings. Even winter. Check out these money-making and money-saving ideas to make the most of winter.

  1. Reduce Heating Costs. Check out this Dollars & Sense post for a list of 10 ideas for making your home warmer and more energy efficient.
  2.  Humidify the Air in Your Home. This is a companion to #1 above. That’s because moist air holds heat better than dry air – to help you feel warmer. But most furnaces blow out extremely dry air. So, consider buying a home humidifier to help retain the warmth and cut your heating costs. You can take advantage of other sources of moisture in your home, too. For instance, home cooking – steam rising from soup simmering on the stove. Another: don’t turn on the exhaust fan when you take a shower. Open the bathroom door to allow the lingering steam to help warm your house a little.
  3.  Carefully Consider Your New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, it’s not too early to think about your New Year’s resolutions. Consider how your resolutions could impact your budget. A resolution to get fit could mean a gym membership. But do you have the money for that? If not, work out at home. Nerd Fitness offers ideas for getting fit on the cheap.
  4.  Keep Tires Inflated. When outdoor air temperatures drop, so does the air pressure in your car’s tires. And this costs you. Low tire pressure raises the risk of blow outs. Plus, it lowers gas mileage, so you have to pay more at the pump. Follow these simple tips from the AAA.
  5.  Carpool to Work. Carpooling is a good thing any time of the year, because it saves gas. But in the winter, it also reduces the time and energy you have to spend scraping card windows. Only one person at a time has to clear car windows. And if your car gets stuck in the snow, you have help with you.
  6.  Cut the Cable. Looking for cheap entertainment on a winter night and tired of paying for cable TV? Consider buying an antenna to pull in just your local channels. Some work better than others and prices vary. Read this review that compares models to see if an antenna is right for you.
  7.  Help with the Late Holiday Shopping Rush. When it comes to making extra money in winter, opportunities before and after the holidays. As the end-of-season holiday shopping rush approaches, check with retailers to see if they need extra help for last-minute shoppers and after-Christmas gift returns.
  8.  Pet Sitting During the Holidays. Many people leave town to celebrate the holidays with family – or take a vacation. Here’s a perfect time to offer your services to care for their pets while they’re gone.
  9.  Have a Virtual Yard Sale. Depending on the climate where you live, winter may not the best time for a yard or garage sale. But with free apps like Letgo you don’t have to wait for spring to start selling your unused, no longer needed stuff. It’s easy to use. Snap a photo and upload your item. Search for other similar apps on Google Play and iTunes.

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