Goodbye, summer. Hello, savings! You may not like seeing summer come to an end. But you can make the best of it. Learn how to take advantage of the change of seasons to save money on things you need, reduce expenses and add to your income.

1. Save money at end-of-summer sales. Retailers need to clear shelves, racks and floor space for fall merchandise. So, they offer deep discounts to encourage you to help them out. And you can help your budget, so long as you stick to buying things you really need.

Look for sales like these:

  • Summer clothing. Get ready for next summer – or work your new purchases into your wardrobe now. Chances are, you’ll find enough warm days this fall. And you can layer summer shirts and tops to add a splash of color to your winter garb.
  • Patio furniture and grills. These usually go on sale in August. But if you don’t mind waiting, you’ll probably find better deals in September – though a smaller selection.
  • Lawn mowers and other outdoor yard and garden equipment. Not sure your lawn mower can make it another season? This could be the time to buy. (But you also might consider checking yard sales and the classifieds for good used equipment for even better savings.)
  • Outdoor recreational equipment. This includes camping gear and bicycles. Thinking of giving a child a bike for Christmas? This could be the time to buy – if you have a good hiding place.

2. Cut cable TV. Or satellite TV. They’re both expensive. The monthly bills put a growing dent in your household budget. Of course, winter’s coming, and what’s better on a cold winter’s night than covering up with warm blankets and watching a good show on TV? You can do that for a lot less by switching to streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. Or you might consider buying an inexpensive indoor digital TV antenna to bring in local TV channels. And if you have a video player and library card, you can check out movies or DVDs of TV series at your local library – for free.

3. Clean out gutters. Water collects in leaf-clogged gutters and freezes – and can damage your home. Save yourself the expense with these gutter cleaning tips.

4. Lower your heating bills. This will take preparation this fall. For instance, have a technician check your furnace to make sure it is working efficiently, replace dirty furnace filters and close gaps around windows. See more tips to lower your heating bill.

5. Save on Halloween costumes. Rather than going to a costume shop or department store for new costumes, check out this post for budget-friendly costume ideas.

6. Plan holiday shopping. Developing a holiday shopping strategy will save you from impulse buying and overspending. First, determine your budget. Then create your list of gift recipients with gift ideas for each – to stay within your budget. And if you haven’t already, start setting aside holiday shopping money in September. For more holiday shopping guidance, read this blog post.

7. Get a seasonal job. Summer isn’t the only time of year ripe with seasonal jobs. This fall and winter, you’ll also find a bounty of seasonal work that can help you add to your income, save for a rainy day, pay off debt and cover holiday shopping with cash. Check out these ideas to get you started on your seasonal job hunt.

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