Dads deserve their day in the sun. But how do you find a Father’s Day gift he’ll appreciate without spending more than you can afford? We’ve rounded up six affordable ideas, ranging from free to around $30.

1. A day (or night) at the ballpark. OK, 30 bucks may not get you too far at a Major League Baseball game. But take Dad to see one of the 248 minor league teams across the country, and you may easily spend less than $30 for two tickets – including hot dogs and drinks. (Although this is true for most teams, pricing can range higher depending on the league, the seats and the region.) In addition to being less expensive, minor league games can be a lot more fun.

2. A comfortable camping chair. Even if Dad’s not a camper, we bet he’d love a comfortable chair to use at the beach, the park, or the little league ball diamond. Walmart sells a roomy, sturdy Coleman model – complete with cup holder – for around $20.

3. Free yard work. He may be picky about the yard, but everybody can use a break now and then. Take on mowing and weed-whacking duty for a week or two. To lighten the load, recruit other family members to pitch in.

4. A great read. Whether he’s into spy fiction, world history or vintage cars, chances are you can find a book he’ll enjoy reading. Online retailers like make it easy to find anything from a best seller to a title that speaks to Dad’s inner geek. To get more bang for your buck, try a used bookstore. Many offer like-new books for half the price.

5. A little light. Just about every dad could use a battery-powered LED light to use for power outages, tinkering in the garage or looking for monsters under the bed.

6. A mug fit for a superhero. After all, Dad is a superhero. Why not make him feel like one when he’s headed off to work or to his favorite fishing hole? A travel mug that looks like it came straight from the Batcave will do the trick (and keep his coffee hot, too).

The Best Gift of All

These suggestions are just a starting point. They may give you even more great ideas about how to show Dad some love on his big day – without breaking the bank. But remember, the thing he wants most is the gift of spending time with the people he loves. And that doesn’t cost a thing.