employee spotlight

When debt gets out of hand, it can seem like living in a hamster wheel—taking one loan to pay off another, and never catching up. For Check `n Go associates, helping customers get a better sense of control in their finances is a core value. This story from a Check `n Go store associate in Arroyo Grande, California is a heartwarming reminder that sometimes all a person needs is a fresh start.

Debra* came into Check `n Go to refinance an existing payday loan. Associate Natasha S. said she could tell something was bothering Debra, so she struck up a conversation. She asked if Debra had any plans for the upcoming holiday weekend. Debra said she was going to be working extra shifts, so she could afford to pay her mother back some money she had borrowed. It soon became clear to Natasha that Debra was feeling overwhelmed.

Debra began to open up and talk about her kids. Natasha could see that she was a good mom like so many other parents who come into Check `n Go, just doing their best to provide for their families. “I asked her if she had any other outstanding bills that needed taken care of,” recalls Natasha. “She mentioned two additional bills, and then confided in me that her minivan—her only means of transportation—was in need of repairs.”

It soon became clear that Debra had a lot of different debts that were adding to her stress. Natasha suggested she apply for The Choice Loan. Debra wasn’t sure. She had applied for larger loans in the past and had been denied. But Natasha encouraged her to fill out the application and just see if The Choice Loan might be an option for her. Debra was delighted when she was approved for The Choice Loan. Better still, she was approved for an amount that would help her pay multiple bills and still have a payment that she could afford.

Helping people advance their lives is what motivates associates like Natasha, and it’s at the heart of what we do at Check `n Go. “She couldn’t believe it,” remembers Natasha. “She started crying and continuously thanking me. As I handed her some tissues and a cold water, I told her I was happy I could help and that I was only doing my job. And to my surprise, she actually called and thanked me again after the holiday weekend.”


*The customer’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

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