Making the Most of a Bad SituationWhen life takes a wrong turn, it’s easy to lose hope. Sometimes just listening to a customer and understanding their needs can be all it takes to turn someone’s unlucky streak into a step toward happier times. Courtney P., an associate at our of Phenix City, Alabama store, shares this inspiring story of Tiana* who came to us when she needed to make the best of a difficult situation.

Tiana entered the store and asked what kinds of loans Check `n Go offered. Although Tiana was very pleasant, Courtney couldn’t help but notice she seemed to be under some kind of stress. After Courtney explained some of the different products available, she asked Tiana if she would be comfortable sharing what brought her into the store that day.

As it turned out, Tiana’s home had been severely damaged in a fire just two weeks before. Fortunately, she wasn’t injured. But while her insurance covered the damage to her house, Tiana was left without essential furniture to make her house a home again. She wanted to take out a loan to help replace items that were lost in the fire.

A house fire is enough to make anyone feel down on their luck, but Tiana had to face even more challenges within a very short span of time. Shortly after the fire, she went to an ATM and withdrew $700 to cover her bills. She placed the money in an envelope on the passenger side of her car, next to her purse. As she was leaving the ATM, she was involved in a car accident. Although she didn’t sustain serious injuries, her car was damaged in the accident.

The day went from bad to worse when some people stopped by to check on the accident. At the time, Tiana thought they were trying to be helpful. She finished filing a police report about the accident, and it wasn’t until her car was being hitched to the tow truck that she realized her money was gone. The supposed “good Samaritans” who had stopped to investigate her accident had actually stolen the envelope of cash from her passenger seat. Without that money, she had been unable to pay her bills and debt was starting to pile up. No wonder she was under so much stress!

That’s where Courtney entered the picture and helped Tiana turn her luck around. “I told her I was really sorry to hear about all the difficulties she’d been going through, and I would be so glad to see if our services could help her,” Courtney explains. “Once I understood her situation, I told her that I felt that The Choice Loan would really benefit her.” Tiana gratefully applied for The Choice Loan and was approved.

Tiana thanked Courtney for her help. Courtney remembers that day as a day that her job really mattered in the life of a customer. It’s a feeling we all strive for at Check `n Go. When we can turn someone’s bad day into a fresh start, we know we’ve done something right.

Courtney says she learned something valuable that day—that not only is it important to be able to explain the products and options available, but also that understanding a customer’s unique needs can really make a difference in someone’s life. She sums it up this way: “Lending a listening ear can help you get to know your customer and understand who they are and how you can help.”

*The customer’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.