Lisa M.: A Friend in Times of NeedAt Check `n Go, we strive to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. When we take the time to get to know our customers, we often become more than just a lender. We become a friend in times of need. Check `n Go associate Lisa M. of Chino, California wrote in to tell us about how the care she showed one customer’s family made a real difference in their lives.

Rachel M. * stopped by Lisa’s store after calling in to ask about refinancing her existing loan. Rachel wasn’t ready to refinance at that point, but the two women shared a friendly conversation as Lisa explained Rachel’s options. “I could hear her kids in the background and asked her how they were doing,” Lisa recalls. She says Rachel was surprised that the Check `n Go associate remembered her kids, and shared with her the good news that she and her wife had finalized the adoption of their children.

A few weeks later, Rachel and her wife stopped by Check `n Go, ready to move forward with a refinance on their loan. Rachel confided to Lisa that her wife needed surgery. Refinancing their loan would help with medical expenses. While Rachel completed the application process, Lisa noticed that Rachel’s wife didn’t look well. Lisa says, “I offered her some cookies because it looked as though her sugar levels may have been dropping.”

After Rachel’s wife ate the cookies, she felt much better. Rachel smiled and told Lisa she appreciated how much Check `n Go truly cared. Lisa reports that she was able to get Rachel set up with the refinancing she had applied for.

Although refinancing isn’t the solution in every situation – it may be a good choice for some customers. In Rachel’s case, refinancing gave her the flexibility she needed to meet unexpected medical expenses for her family. In states where it’s available, payday loan refinancing allows customers to apply for a new loan so they can extend the amount of time they have to repay an existing loan. Some states require customers to pay down a portion of the principal on their existing loan when they refinance. Finance charges on the existing loan must also be paid off.

To find out if you qualify for refinancing an existing loan, talk to a Check `n Go associate today.


*Name changed to protect our customer’s privacy.

Approval depends on meeting legal, regulatory, and underwriting requirements; restrictions apply.