man and kitty

The newborn kitten really needed a hero. Abandoned in a dumpster at a California apartment complex, it was too tiny to climb out or fend for itself. Just in the nick of time, the hero it needed showed up. David E. was an animal lover who already had two adult cats. When he spotted the little ball of fur in the dumpster, he knew he had to save it.

David named the kitten Tiger – and his first challenge was finding a way to feed him. He bought a small nursing bottle, along with some cans of formula made especially for newborn kittens. Tiger took to the formula right away. David’s other two cats weren’t too keen about Tiger at first, but they soon got used to having a pint-sized feline around.

Tiger began to grow and thrive under David’s care. As he got stronger and more active, he needed more and more of the formula. That’s when David found himself facing another hurdle: the cost.

“I live on disability income, so I’m used to pinching pennies,” David explains. “But I could barely afford the cans of kitten milk replacer.  My money was quickly consumed right along with the milk.”

To make matters worse, David was just getting over the expense of having some work done on his apartment. Funds were really tight. Then David remembered that he had turned to Check `n Go in the past, so he applied for a loan to help provide for his new little buddy. He was able to provide the formula Tiger needed.

Tiger is now a two-month-old bundle of energy who has graduated to regular cat food. When it’s time to have him neutered, David knows he can turn to Check `n Go if funds are tight. He recently sent us a photo of himself holding Tiger and added, “Thank you for helping me save the kitty, who gets stronger every day.”