Our Murrieta, CA team’s “others first” approach makes customers feel comfortable and welcome. Customers come in for more than just their financial needs. They also stop by the store just to say “hi” and catch up. Store Manager Esmeralda says, “People come to the store for everything from help with bills to family emergencies. It’s so satisfying to know that we provide products and services that can make their lives a little more manageable.”

When customers do come in to take care of a financial need, the team strives to help by matching that need to the product or service that fits. Every day is different – and the team loves the fact that they get to work with new people every day. “Meeting new people is always very exciting,” says Esmeralda.

Doris* is a recent customer who stands out. She came to the store because she wanted to send money through Western Union® to her daughter in the Virgin Islands. Her daughter had lost many of her possessions because of Hurricane Irma. The team made Doris feel comfortable and explained the process to her. They were able to give Doris peace of mind – and help Doris’ daughter get back on her feet.

The team also recalls a couple who stopped by because they wanted to help their grandson. The grandson had just landed his dream job in Paris, but he needed help with moving expenses. He and his parents couldn’t afford to pay for the move, so his grandparents wanted to surprise him with money to help. The grandparents were so happy to be approved for The Choice Loan – and the Murrieta team was happy that they could help their grandson fulfill the dream of a lifetime.

The Murrieta store is a favorite with Check `n Go customers. Esmerelda believes that a key reason for the store’s success is a strong team. For more than two years, the team has worked well together to build a friendly environment for customers.

“We’ve become our customers’ number one stop for everyday financial needs,” Esmerelda says proudly.

*Name has been changed to protect the customer’s privacy.