Meet Beth, she’s been a Customer Service Representative at our online call center for over a year, and she’s already built great relationships with her customers and team. Beth enjoys being on the customer service team and says, “I love helping people. It’s something I do in my job every day and what I do outside of work too.”

Beth hears from customers that the Check `n Go team is friendly and takes the time to listen to their needs. She thinks this is what brings them to Check `n Go and keeps them coming back. Whether it is a medical emergency, car issue or just to get to the next paycheck, she is there to help with each customers’ needs.

One customer that stands out to Beth is Tom*. Tom called in tears because he and his family had an emergency at their home and they needed a place to stay that night. He didn’t have family nearby or anywhere else to turn. Beth processed his loan and took extra steps to make sure Tom had the money he needed for a hotel so they could have a place to stay that night. She was glad that she could be there to help in his emergency.

Outside of work, Beth likes to crochet, craft and spend time with her granddaughter. She crochets blankets for moms-to-be in the office. She loves hanging out with her granddaughter and says, “We are best buddies”. She’s taken her on vacations to the beach and wants to continue the travel with her give her the chance to experience new things.

We thank Beth for the great customer service she is providing to Check `n Go customers.

*Name has been changed to protect customer’s privacy.