The Benefits of Instant Funding* for Online and Retail Payday Loans

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We now offer instant funding* for online payday loans. Check ‘n Go customers can apply for same day funds*, either at a store location or through the Internet. Either option can benefit customers seeking timely assistance for temporary financial problems.

Benefits for Online Payday Loans
Online payday loans have always been about convenience. Now with instant funding* they’re about speed too. In the past, online customers traded waiting for access to loan funds for the ease of applying for a loan via a computer or phone. With instant funding* the days of sacrificing speed for convenience are over for customers who qualify.

Instant funding* gives our online customers the speediest access to loan funds that Check ‘n Go offers. It cuts down the wait time to a few hours or less. That means customers no longer have to wait overnight – or over the weekend – for funds. Most important, this rapid access to funds means borrowers can use their loans to cover unexpected expenses quicker than ever.

Benefits for Retail Payday Loans
In these tough financial times, consumers often face the day-to-day stress of money management. With a well-planned monthly budget and careful spending habits, it is possible to remain in control of personal or family finances. However, if an unexpected expense, family emergency, or other demanding financial situation happens and requires payment immediately, that control can quickly slip away.

The key to overcoming immediate payment situations is to know your options. There are many solutions available for life’s surprises. Credit cards are often used for emergency expenses, but the costs, including interest and fees, can make daily money management even more difficult. And while asking for help from a loved one may be an option, the strings attached to personal loans can damage precious relationships.
Many alternative financial providers, including payday lenders, have begun to offer same-day funding services for these kinds of situations. In this article, we’ll discuss how these immediate cash options can help remedy financial situations.

Faster and Familiar
Same-day funding is an optional expediting of the payout of a payday loan. The application process remains the same, as well as the service fees and payback periods associated with traditional payday loans. However, same-day funding allows consumers to receive their funds immediately following the approval of their loan applications.

Multiple Payout Options
To some, immediate cash options mean exactly that—cash. But for those whose payments must be made over the phone or online, cash does little to help relieve the stress of an emergency financial situation. An added benefit of same-day funding, besides the immediate acquisition of funds, is that some payday lenders offer multiple options for loan payout. One example is a pre-loaded payment card tied to a temporary virtual account. These cards are often usable wherever major credit cards are accepted, and may bear the logo of one or more of these recognized companies.

Of course, as with any alternative financial solution, pre-loaded payment cards may not be usable everywhere. Be sure to ask questions about the usability of any payout option besides cash, so as not to risk making a situation more stressful. But in most cases, these pre-loaded cards will be usable for online and telephone expense payments.

If the financial situation you’re facing allows for immediate payment using cash or check, these options may also be available from your financial service provider. Same-day funding options will vary from lender to lender, and each lender has its own restrictions and rules. Be sure that the service being offered is exactly what you need—and what your financial situation beyond the immediate need can handle.
Check `n Go, a leader in the payday loan industry, has recently implemented same-day funding options on its online payday loans, including the option of a Netspend Visa® Virtual Account and Prepaid Debit Card. To learn more, please visit our instant payday loans page.

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