Financial & Payday Loan Industry Sources

To keep you up to date on all the happenings in the payday loan and financial industry, we've given you access to our network of industry sources. Each of these sources provides valuable information about recent and upcoming trends, news, and hot topics. We've provided you with links to each one below, along with a short description that tells what that source has to offer.

Take the time to check out these connections. They're here for you.

Payday Pundit
This blog is updated several times a day and is packed with information regarding the payday lending industry.

CFSA (Community Financial Services Association of America)
The CFSA specializes in maintaining high ethical standards for its members and the payday lending industry. This site details how the group leads the way in ensuring consumer protection.

CFSA Voices of Payday Advance
You can read some real-life stories about people who have used payday loans in the past to meet their fast cash needs. Check out these testimonials today!

Jonathan Zinman, Associate Professor Department of Economics at Dartmouth College
Dr. Zinman has conducted ample research regarding the economic effects of payday loans and the payday industry on communities. You can read about his latest research efforts right here.

CNN Money
You can find valuable information regarding a variety of financial topics on CNN Money. This site is constantly updated throughout the day to bring all the latest in the world of finance, including basic tutorials regarding seemingly complex financial topics.